Who We Are

Josh Klein

Networker was created by Joshua Klein, a veteran IT Security geek, Author, Speaker, and technology consultant. While he was writing this book he realized that most people still treat their networks like financial systems instead of as gift economies in which relationships grew stronger and more valuable the more you participate in them. Networker is his attempt to help everyone become more effective by connecting the dots between the connections we already have.


Crush & Lovely

Crush & Lovely has partnered with Networker to provide killer UX, branding, and design. Their work has transformed clients large and small, and their emphasis on intuitive, beautiful, and useable design ensures Networker won't be just another snarl of nifty algorithms, but something real human beings will actually enjoy using.


Dr. Michael D. Kowolenko, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael D. Kowolenko, Ph.D is an Industrial Fellow at the Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS) at NC State University. He and his class on Data Analytics are proving out the algorithms we need to intelligently analyze and recommend contacts to reconnect with. Dr. Kowolenko's research is focused on the interface of technology and business decision making by using Big Data to make better choices, and his students are learning to make the world a better place.